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"Sponsorships have become such a vast part of the landscape, that having a search engine for real-time info is not only cool, it's becoming practically mandatory."

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"Let me say that I use this site on a daily basis and it's great to see how it has evolved. It is SUCH a useful tool for me!"

Uzma Rawn

Major League Baseball

" helps us cut through some of the research required to get the right brand and people to the table. You are killing it!"

Matt Duncan

Brackets For Good

“SponsorPitch has completely changed the way I go about my is a one stop shop that provides you with up to date contact info and relevant sponsorship info to set you up for success.”

Ben Kessler

YSC Sports Marketing

I am on SponsorPitch at least once a day and it has been a great source for prospecting. Being able to see the latest sponsorship deals, as well as putting together a target list in a specific market has led to sales!"

Scott Berlant

The Admin Awards

Cole used SponsorPitch to Acquire
multiple Sponsors for GMC

By posting his pitch, analyzing potential sponsors, and acquiring high value leads, Cole was able to achieve his Sponsorship sales goals for his event and organization.

Key Features

Sponsor Analytics

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Relevant Contacts

"Would I recommend SponsorPitch to others? Yes, 100%. I think it just enables so much more in the world of possibilities where a lot of organizations in our city and region kind of go to the same players over and over again. So being able to expand your outreach to national partners is just such a big asset to be able to have."

The Challenge

Greater Manchester Commerce (GMC) sought to secure significant sponsors for their annual event, Taco Tour Manchester. Even with their event's popularity, securing sponsors was not an easy task and prospecting could take a lot of time. GMC was looking for an easy to use and robust solution to enhance their sponsorship sales outreach and secure more sponsorships.

The SponsorPitch Solution

Deal Details At-A-Glance


Cole closed deals with two nationally recognized brands to partner with Taco Tour Manchester.

GMC came across SponsorPitch, a leading sponsorship sales platform. SponsorPitch streamlines the sales process by providing member-only data on brands’ sponsorship deals and contact information for decision makers. SponsorPitch empowered GMC to identify and engage more brands, effectively transforming their sponsorship process.


Using SponsorPitch, GMC successfully secured sponsorships with HP Hood and Unreal Snacks. These sponsorships not only brought financial and product support but also enhanced the event's prestige and appeal.

A Platform for Sharing Opportunities and Outreach

SponsorPitch provided a platform where GMC could post their pitch and showcase their opportunities. It also served as a hub for finding contacts, enabling GMC to conduct a highly tailored outreach. GMC was able to customize their messages based on data, improving the likelihood of positive responses.

Fostering Relationships & Future Opportunities

Beyond the immediate sponsorships secured, GMC used SponsorPitch to build relationships with future sponsors. GMC recognized that the brands they connected with but didn’t close a deal with this time around could be excellent leads for future events. SponsorPitch facilitated the start of these relationships, setting the stage for future sponsorships.

Enabling Outreach for Small Organizations

GMC found immense value in SponsorPitch's ability to broaden the scope of their outreach. As a smaller organization, GMC could not have otherwise reached the number of potential sponsors or have managed such a comprehensive outreach process. SponsorPitch helped GMC operate as if they had their own dedicated sponsorship sales team, significantly amplifying their sponsorship outreach.

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I am on SponsorPitch at least once a day and it has been a great source for prospecting. Being able to see the latest sponsorship deals, as well as putting together a target list in a specific market has led to sales!

Scott Berland
VP of Strategic Partnerships

I’ve subscribed to other sponsorship  resource services and nothing beats SponsorPitch! It’s so well organized with great content that I’ve used to secure new sponsor dollars. I love this site!

Connie Wendling

The beauty of SponsorPitch is its ability to bring together people from both sides of the equation, in real-time, by offering relevant information and feedback. I highly recommend it.

Marty Teller
Partnerships Manager

SponsorPitch is fantastic. You capture the majority of items in the sponsorship marketplace .. and in near real-time.

Brian Goldstein
Marketing & Management

The sponsorship marketers one-stop-shop for industry news, job postings, professional networking, and real-time research and contacts...and not just for the sports biz.

Xavier Cobos
Manager of Partnership Development

It's like making connections at a conference without the cost of a flight and hotel.

Aileen McMahon
Senior Partner

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