Why SponsorPitch?

SponsorPitch is the leading platform that brings together sellers/events and Brands. Our Seller Search tool provides you with information on which brands are partnering with which properties, and contact info for the decision makers involved. Our Pitch marketplace provides a whole new channel for brands to find opportunities and connect with events and other opportunities.

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Sponsorships Made Simple & Smart

If you have an audience that brands want to reach, SponsorPitch is for you. We've helped thousands of Festivals, Events, Athletes, Sports Teams, Nonprofits, Conferences, Creators & more reach their sponsorship goals.

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Streamline the Process

SponsorPitch has helped tens of thousands of people streamline their sponsorship sales process. We help sellers by optimizing Steps 1 & 2 and expediting the route to Step 3 of the sponsorship process.

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Reach Your Target Audience

Find the perfect opportunities for your brand. We have many properties from large to small, global to local, from sports to music festivals to nonprofit community events all sharing information about their events/opportunities.

Analytics & Connections

Research Sellers & Opportunities

Brands can do competitive research on other brand activities. They can research and connect with agencies, as well as gain valuable insights on an industries, property types, or key markets.

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